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Renters and Homeowners Insurance in Saginaw, MI

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Maybe you have heard about renters’ insurance in Saginaw, MI but think that it isn’t for you. Maybe you think it is too expensive. Have you ever added up the cost of all of your personal belongings? The truth is that when you work with Safeguard Insurance Agency to get renters insurance in place you will get the right coverage amount for not a lot of money. A surprising number of renters do not have renters’ insurance for a variety of reasons, and they will unfortunately be surprised to learn that they will need to pay for the replacement of all of their things and not their landlord or anyone else. Talk to our team today to learn more about how inexpensive your renter’s insurance can be.

Homeowners Insurance in Saginaw

Homeowners insurance has a much higher rate of use among those who own property, but this is at least in part due to the requirement that lenders have that homeowners must have insurance on the property so that they do not lose out on money should the worst happen. But this doesn’t mean that homeowners insurance needs to be expensive or that it shouldn’t cover everything in your home.

Most homeowners’ insurance will not only cover the building itself but will also cover the contents of that home. Additionally, it will also likely cover your garage, even if it is detached from the home. This insurance will also provide you with liability insurance in case someone gets injured at your home, such as from slipping on a sidewalk or other event. As an independent insurance agency, we can get quotes from several insurance companies to get you the best coverage at the best price.

Insurance for Renters in Saginaw, Michigan

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Whether you rent your apartment or own your house in Saginaw, Michigan, you need to have insurance to protect your belongings. It will help to take an inventory of the things that you own to be sure you have enough coverage, and if you have any special items, such as jewelry or antiques, these can be listed out individually to ensure that they are protected as well. Talk with our team at Safeguard Insurance Agency to put our decades of experience to work for you.

No two renters’ insurance or homeowners’ insurance policies are the same, and it helps to have a guide to explain the differences. Migration from across the country, particularly from the Southern United States, drastically increased Saginaw’s population during the war years and through the 1950s. Before the United States entered World War II, Saginaw’s industrial complex became directed towards military production. Let us help you get the right insurance policy for your needs by contacting us today.

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