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Affordable Auto Insurance in Freeland, MI

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There are different types of people on the road, from aggressive multitaskers to careful, obedient drivers. However, no matter what kind of driver you are, you have as much of a chance of getting into an accident as anyone, making auto insurance in Freeland, MI, vital. So, whether you’re a new driver or a long-time one, reach out to uncover the perfect coverage option.

At Safeguard Insurance Agency, we understand Michigan legally requires drivers to have some form of insurance. Usually, that includes liability insurance should you be at fault for damaging someone’s property or person. Other drivers with no-fault vehicle coverage receive funds for health expenses despite who is at fault.

You can combine both coverage options, but whatever you choose, ensure you’re not paying out of pocket. Sift through all motor insurance plans to determine which best suits your preferences. 

Car Insurance in Freeland

Collision car insurance is when your insurance provider covers damages from an accident, whether with a fixed object like a fence or house or a moving object like another vehicle. You’ll receive funds up to fair market value, but picking a higher deductible means less funds in exchange for lower premiums.

However, this automobile protection doesn’t protect against all factors, so consider these other options:

• Comprehensive auto coverage covers what collision insurance does not, like man-made disasters (theft and vandalism) and natural occurrences (floods, hurricanes, and fires). 
• Property damage auto insurance in Freeland, MI, allows your insurance company to cover damages to other people’s properties. 
• Bodily injury car insurance policies pay the other party’s medical bills. Keep from paying thousands of dollars out of pocket by carrying a high liability limit.
• Uninsured and underinsured car assurance services protect you if you’re the victim of someone who doesn’t have enough insurance to cover your ailments. 

Cheap Auto Insurance in Freeland

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Cheap auto insurance is necessary when there’s so much to see in Freeland. If you’re taking the kids on an outing, don’t forget seasonal favorites like Leaman’s Green Applebarn. If you’re looking for more of a nightlife experience, drive to Log Cabin Bar & Grill or 2nd Street Sports Pub for food and drink. 

There are also plenty of outdoor activities at Apple Mountain, including skiing, snowboarding, and a top-tier golf course. But, before you take on these adventures, consider auto insurance in Freeland, MI. Contact Safeguard Insurance Agency for a quote today!

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