Auto Insurance, Home Insurance, Farm Insurance, and Business Insurance in Saginaw, MI

Auto Insurance in Saginaw, MI

two cars crashed covered by Auto Insurance in Saginaw, MI

If you’re looking for an auto insurance provider that can reliably cover you, your passengers, and your belongings from the financial consequences of a vehicular accident, call our adjusters at Safeguard Insurance Agency.

We are the number one provider of high-quality auto insurance policies and car insurance in Saginaw, serving a growing roster of satisfied customers.

We provide coverage for our clients through the following arrangements:

  • Liability coverage protects clients from the costs of bodily injury and property damage. It is mandatory in Saginaw, MI.
  • Under-insured and uninsured motorist coverage helps you pay for medical bills and repairs when you go through an accident with an uninsured motorist.
  • Comprehensive coverage pays for damages from vandalism, adverse weather events, fires, and thefts.
  • Auto insurance with collision coverage pays for repairs to a structure or another vehicle you hit.
  • Medical and personal injury protection pays for the medical bills of you and your passengers.

Read more about auto insurance in Saginaw to gain a better understanding of the services we provide.

Home Insurance in Saginaw, MI

A standard home insurance policy from Safeguard Insurance Agency provides coverage for the following:

  • Damages to the interior and exterior structures of your home
  • Damage to possessions taken or damaged during burglaries and thefts
  • Damages to HVAC systems, furnaces, gutters, and fences
  • Damage from fires, adverse weather events, floods, and earthquakes

You do not need to own real estate to get coverage equivalent to homeowners insurance. If you are a lessor or renter in Saginaw, MI, protect yourself from the cost of theft, natural disasters, and vandals with renters insurance and house insurance policies.

Farm Insurance and Business Insurance in Saginaw, Michigan

Farm Machine working with Crops covered by Farm Insurance and Business Insurance in Saginaw, Michigan

A farm insurance policy protects your crops, machines, and employees from legal and medical expenses from accidents and other unforeseen events. Farms often span hundreds of acres susceptible to fires and damage from lightning, fire, hail, and windstorms. A broken tractor or seeder can make you miss a year’s profit.

A business insurance policy will shield you from the financial consequences of data breaches, workplace accidents, and natural calamities. We have numerous satisfied business owners on our client list and are proud to serve them all.

Saginaw earns its namesake from Sak-e-nong, an Ojibwe phrase that means “where the Sauk people are,” referring to an eastern tribe of Native Americans. Today, it serves as the county seat of Saginaw County, hosting over 44,000 residents as of the 2020 census. It hosts attractions like the Temple Theatre, The Dow Event Center, and 1514 N Michigan.

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