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Cheap Homeowners Insurance in Auburn

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Your home is your greatest investment, so it deserves top homeowners insurance in Auburn, MI. However, it’s not as simple as signing up for the first of the home coverage plans you see since no two insurance options are identical. That’s why Safeguard Insurance Agency helps you sort through the choices.  

If you’re a homeowner, you’ll want dwelling coverage, which protects your residential space from natural and man-made disasters, including fires, floods, and vandalism. You can also get property insurance for other structures on your land, like fences, garages, sheds, sidewalks, and driveways. That way, you maintain curb appeal without paying out of pocket in case of disasters. 

You can also find cheap homeowners insurance that includes personal property coverage to protect what’s within your home. This coverage protects personal belongings, from clothes and watches to electronics and furniture, so you can repurchase these items in case of damage or theft. However, these aren’t the only residential insurance policies available since you can choose the following:
• Loss of use coverage so you receive funds to cover living expenses for up to 24 months when you can’t live at home because of damages
• Personal liability insurance to protect yourself financially during a lawsuit
• Medical expense coverage that pays health bills for guests injured on your property 

Affordable Homeowners Insurance in Auburn, Michigan

While the above homeowner’s insurance options are ideal for most individuals in Auburn, MI, some residents may need more. For instance, some prefer scheduled personal property coverage over traditional personal property insurance since they get additional coverage on valuables, collectibles, and heirlooms after meeting with an agent. 

High-value homes also require additional funds in case of damages. We offer household protection plans with the following:
• A higher coverage limit for extravagant items, from jewelry and silverware to watercraft
• Personal injury coverage for you and others living with you
• Plumbing coverage for sewer and drain backups
• Replacement cost coverage so you can rebuild your home and property structures alongside replacing expensive possessions

Home Insurance in Auburn, MI

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Affordable homeowners insurance, like comprehensive home insurance, helps in a thriving housing market since you want to maintain property value with repairs. According to BestPlaces, house appreciation has increased to 9.86%, past the 8.27% U.S. average.

However, according to Niche, the median home value is $156,600, which is still about $125,000 below the national average. To increase property value more, protect it with homeowners insurance in Auburn, MI. Contact Safeguard Insurance Agency for a quote in this and surrounding areas!

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